Philips Adult Pads Placement Guide M5090A


This “Flat Man” manikin, or the Philips Adult Pads Placement Guide M5090A, is a great way to train with a trainer AED or an actual real Philips defibrillator!

Using an AED is easy. They are designed to be easy for anyone to use. But without training, in an impossibly stressful situation, even the most menial tasks are really tough.

With the Philips Adult Pads Placement Guide M5090A, and a little training, each and every certified CPR Class participant can have the experience of putting AED pads in the correct spot, and seeing the defibrillator go through it's steps of operation.


This Philips Adult Pads Placement Guide M5090A, or as I call it “Flat Man” manikin, lays out flat on the floor. The instructor can demonstrate by putting the AED trainer next to the head of the Philips Adult Pads Placement Guide. The instructor turns on the Philips AED trainer and as the AED trainer goes through the steps, the instructor places pads in the proper place.  The Philips AED trainer is equipped to “know” when the pads are in place and then goes on to pretend to analyze and deliver a shock to the patient.

All Georgia CPR certification classes in Atlanta are taught with the Philips Adult Pads Placement Guide M5090A.

Get one along with any of the following Philips AED trainer products: