Philips FR3 Defibrillator

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Philips FR3 Defibrillator is a professional grade AED while still making lifesaving faster, easier and better. It eliminates steps during use, is the smallest and lightest professional aed and can be integrated into a larger EMS continuum of care.


Reduces deployment time – The HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator automatically powers on* when you open the carry case so you can focus on pad placement. As a result, pads are much easier to access. Pre-connected peel and place SMART Pads III, with no foil pouch to open, reduces deployment time resulting in quicker shocks.

Small and lightweight –  This is the Smallest and lightest professional-grade AED available among leading global manufacturers**. The HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator weighs only 3.5lbs (1.6kg). Consiquently, not only is it light, but is rugged, reliable, and ready to use.

SMART CPR – Receive patient-specific guidance with Philips SMART CPR for the most appropriate initial therapy – CPR or defibrillation – even for shockable rhythms.

High resolution LCD screen for clarity – In severely degraded environmental conditions, voice prompts may not provide enough guidance. The bright, color LCD display of the HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator clearly shows text or text with ECG.

Infant/Child Key – Insert the Infant/Child Key to automatically decrease the defibrillation therapy and implement the configured infant/child CPR protocols.

Quick Shock Feature – As a result, CPR is even more important to survival than previously understood. Therefore, it is even more important to start CPR as soon as possible. The HeartStart FR3’s Quick Shock feature reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery. Make sure your responders know CPR and are familiar with AED operation!

The HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator is no longer available through Georgia CPR. Please refer to Philips with quesitons on availability and options. Georgia CPR recommends the Philips FRx AED, which is tough, fast, and really easy to use. Also – supplies for the Philips FRx are generally easier to source during challenging supply chain sources. Regardless of your AED needs, please reach out to Georgia CPR for AED options, especially when 911 response times are long!

* If you do not use the Philips HeartStart FR3 carry case with the auto-on feature, press the green On/Off button to turn on the FR3.
** Data on file with Philips Healthcare

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FR3 Defibrillator with Text Prompt Only Display and Small Soft Case $2520, ECG Waveform & Text Display add $470, Soft System Case add $164, Rigid System Case add $243, Spare FR3 Electrode Pads add $46, Infant/Child Key add $97, Spare FR3 Battery add $270, FR3 Data Card add $92, Physician’s Oversight – Medical Direction $150