Prestan Manikin (Adult 4-Pack w/ CPR Monitor)

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  • With CPR monitor
  • Includes 10 face-shield lung bags
  • Includes nylon carrying case
  • All components, including the Filtered Face Shield and the Face Shield Lung Bag, are latex free.
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The Prestan Manikin is the best CPR manikin I have used. The 4-pack will enable you to have your students working on CPR compressions instead of standing around causing trouble or being lured into staring at their phones. Don’t tell me as an instructor you haven’t looked down your nose at an oblivious student on their phone during a CPR class!

What makes the Prestan Manikin line absolutely unique is not only their durability, ease of use and price point, but their CPR Monitor light feature that provides the student with instant feedback on their CPR compression effectiveness! It’s super easy to teach with the Prestan Manikin with CPR monitor. While the student is pushing hard and fast enough, the manikin’s lights light two green LED lights. They know they are doing it right with two lights. If they go too slow they get one green and one yellow for really too slow. If they stop, or don’t continue to push hard enough on the Prestan Manikins, the monitor will display a red light, hopefully lighting a fire under the student to step it up a bit!

I have unfortunately spent much more on other “professional manikins” and realized upon first use that I had made a terrible mistake! The Prestan Manikin is absolutely durable, easy to set up and easy to clean. More importantly, the Prestan Manikin makes it easy for the CPR Class student to practice and develop muscle memory when doing compressions.

My initial concern with the Prestan Manikin was that I would be going through batteries all the time. Not the case at all. I have an instructor that runs 6 classes a week with her Prestan Manikins. We change the batteries maybe once a year. It’s really amazing how these CPR monitors have improved the way students learn and made CPR easier for instructors to teach.

Georgia CPR uses the Prestan Manikin line exclusively in all of our CPR Certification classes. Our business model includes us sourcing the best CPR related equipment and sticking to what’s best. Amazingly, with Prestan manikins, Philips AEDs and Rondex face shields, the best doesn’t mean the most expensive. And that just sells itself.

Teaching CPR classes is a rewarding and challenging occupation. The last thing I want is to have to deal with finicky CPR manikins that make students more apprehensive than they already are about having to learn to do CPR. I don’t want to spend money on manikins that are going to wear out or break. Prestan Manikins help empower the CPR class students to learn to push hard and properly so their practice prepares them for the real thing.