Philips FR2+ AED Charger

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The FR2 AED Charger is no longer available, but a software setup service is. The Fee for the software setup is $100 plus shipping. Contact us at for details before purchasing.

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FR2+ AED Charger – used to fully charge up the FR2+ AED Rechargeable Battery in just 3 hours to provide 100 shocks (typical) or 5 hours (typical) of ECG display time. This charger was also used to charge up the FR2+ Training and Administration pack which could be used to change shock and treatment protocols in the FR2+ AED. With the FR2 Charger and the Training and administration pack, the FR2 could be used not only to treat patients with a live service or rechargeable battery, but could be used for CPR and AED training.

Unfortunately, Philips discontinued the FR2 AED several years ago. Since then accessories like this charger and the FR2+ Training and Administration pack are no longer available. The FR2 is a fantastic AED with unexpired pads and working batteries, but is not the most intuitive AED currently available.

Philips recommends replacing the FR2 AED with the rugged FRx AED

If ruggedness isn’t important, the Philips OnSite AED is an amazingly easy to use AED.

We do offer software setup changes to your FR2 if needed.

The Software setup fee is $100 plus shipping for your FR2.

Please contact us for details at