CPR Practice Shields (36ct. box)

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The CPR shield’s uniquely engineered translucent film is designed with specific tensile and modulus properties so that it drapes the face of the training manikin easier and stays on the manikin better during use. Distinctive markings ensure that the student will always use the correct side of the shield, minimizing cross-contamination by the trainees. Box of 36

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Students really appreciate good quality. Give them Prestan Manikins CPR Practice Shields. They are flexible, not stiff and slick like the cheap ones your competitors use. They don’t smell like a chemical factory either!

Each of these CPR Practice Shields has a green sticker on one side to indicate on which side your mouth should go – and a red sticker on the reverse side to indicate where the cooties will be!

Quality instruction and quality equipment means you will be going back to that customer to teach another CPR Class. Show up with the cheapest equipment you can get and they will call me to teach that class next time!