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Years of experience and dedication in helping rescue professionals have made RONDEX a leader. They have developed CPR Masks which have many innovative features, patented and patent pending, to increase operator protection while performing CPR.

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Rondex CPR Masks

  • DOUBLE VALVE PROTECTION: New patented ISO-VALVE CPR Mask contains two separate valves working independently to increase operator safety.Patent Number: 5,584,288(NOTE: Rondex does not use filters. Filters are porous and allow moisture from the patient’s breath to reach operator, therefore reducing effectiveness of CPR Pocket Masks.
  • VALVE HAS PROTECTED VENTING: Venting, which is important for proper valve operation, is inside the valve of the CPR mask, protected from operator contact.
  • CPR FACE MASK IS EASY TO HOLD: Unique fold down mask has wide flat surface for the operator’s hands. This helps the operator maintain a firm grip, even under wet conditions. Design Patent Number: 347,495
  • COMPLETELY PRE-ASSEMBLED CPR MASK: Mask comes with valve inserted and requires no further assembly. This eliminates possible mouthpiece contamination from handling and accidental dropping of valve when case is opened.
  • COMPACT KIT: CPR Mask, valve and optional gloves fit in compact plastic pocket case. NOTE: gloves are required by Government Regulations (OSHA) while performing CPR.
  • OXYGEN INLET MODEL AVAILABLE: Barbed oxygen inlet tube with cap and elastic head strap is also available.
  • CPR POCKET MASK SIZE: This CPR pocket mask is designed to fit most adults, children, and infants.

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CPR Mask With Hard Case $11.00, CPR Mask With Hard Case & Non-Latex Gloves $11.50