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  • 2 DISTINCT VALVES: Most CPR face Shields have one  valve, or just a gauze filter. If you blow through a gauze filter against a window, that window will fog, yes? Why trust a filter when you can have a CPR face shield with 2 valves. Yes, it’s a bit of overkill but I am not getting Hep – are you?
  • USER HANDLES: The Rondex CPR Face Shield has two handles so you can grab them and use them to insert the valve into the patient’s mouth. If the user has bloody hands, you want a means by which to insert the face shield without contaminating the area where you will place your mouth.
  • SHORT VALVE CHAMBER (Less than an inch): The Valve stem works also as a bite block. It is placed into the patient’s mouth and when you open their airway and give breaths, the valve of the shield keeps their teeth apart. (Head-tilt chin-lift technique can actually close the mouth during CPR). The short valve chamber, is better as it won’t cram the patients tongue down into their throat. The short valve is also better for use on children.
  • TOUGH BARRIER: The rondex CPR face shield has a barrier material that is really pliable and also is quite tough. It’s 8 mils thick and has been tested down to -40 degrees and up to +150 degrees. You can toss one in your glove box and know that it will work when needed.
  • LARGER BARRIER: The barrier material is larger than most CPR face shield, it’s 7x7x7. It will cover most any face without being cumbersome.


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Face Shield With polybag $8.00, Face Shield with nylon keychain case $9.50, Face Shield with a nylon keychain case and non -latex gloves $10.00